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Basketball Training Tulsa

Basketball Training Tulsa

This content was written for Score Basketball

Send your child to a trusted and productive basketball camp with expert coaches and a hard earned reputation for excellence. At Score Basketball Camp we have a twenty year history of being the best in Tulsa because we focus on perfecting basic basketball skills, and practice with Hall of Fame caliber coaches such as Eddie Sutton and Bob Knight, while helping each child grow as a player and as a person.

Score Basketball is dedicated to developing great basketball players and even better kids. We practise excellence in the fundamentals and help your player build a foundation of basketball skills and personal character and integrity. The lessons learned on and off the court at Score will make stronger stronger basketball players and life-long memories. Our Coaches demand effort and excellence from our players, while we hold our coaches to an even higher standard of basketball experience, dedication, personal integrity, and the ability to make a positive personal impact in young players lives.

Don Calvert, our Head Coach has been endorsed by multiple Hall of Fame basketball coaches, and even was coached by Legendary Oklahoma State basketball coach, Henry Iba. He is passionate about motivating young players to learn successful habits for increasing performance on and off the court. We are so confident in this system and staff, that we offer a money back guarantee that your child will improve their basketball performance.

We offer a personalized approach to assessing and implementing training programs for all levels of athletes. Whether your child has played basketball from infanthood or is just trying basketball for the first time, they will be challenged and taught important new tools to add to their skillset. Footwork drills, post-up moves, reverse layups, three point shooting, and ball handling are a few of the important skills that players are immersed in. Teamwork is essential to winning in basketball and in life and is a major focus of Score. Our players will be taught, reinforced, challenged, and held to high standards of effort and performance. If you want the best training program for you young player, send them to us here at Score.

You don’t want your child to miss this incredible opportunity to shape their skills on the court and take their game to the next level. Call 918-955-7160 to speak with our coaches about signing your child up for this life-changing camp. Your child will not only improve their basketball skills, but make life long friends while here. And with the money back guarantee  promise, you don’t have to worry if this is a worthwhile experience for your loved one. So call today to get your child enrolled in the best basketball camp in Tulsa!


Tulsa Girls Basketball

This content was written for Score Basketball


Do you need a professional and renowned basketball camp that will have your daughter improving her skills, meeting others like her and making memories that will last a lifetime? Then call 918-955-7160 to learn more about Score Basketball camps. Endorsed by Hall of Fame coach Eddie Sutton and many others, this camp will help teach the skills your loved one needs to succeed.  With many camps located in Tulsa, Owasso, Oklahoma City, just to name a few, you don’t have an excuse to not put your child in one of the best most professional basketball camps in the nation.

Score Basketball graduates have made it as far as playing collegiate basketball and even in the NBA and WNBA. Coach Calvert will train your kids to get the skills they need to thrive on the court. The lessons they will learn here will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Few would be better at basketball coaching than Don Calvert with his 25 years of experience as a basketball coach and player.

These Tulsa girls basketball are exactly what you’re daughter needs to become a better basketball player. They take every single player where they are at their current level. They make sure that every single player shows improvement, from the beginners coming to intermediate, to be advanced. If your daughter has already years of experience in vascular, they will take your skills to the next level. They teach dribbling, shooting, three-pointers, layups, and all of the mental teamwork and topic that goes into being a vegetable player.

They also really focus on teamwork and making your daughter a well-rounded after ballplayer. They don’t want your daughter to only be able to shoot three-pointers. They want her to be able to do it all so that she is a more valuable part of that team and can go further as a basketball player. That is why this Tulsa girls basketball are sought after by so many people. These private lessons can really make a difference in your daughter’s play.

This girls camp is unlike any other you have ever seen and that is why you need to call 918-955-7160. Score Basketball has been featured on NBC, ABC, and CBS for the remarkable work with young athletes. Call today and book your first session with Score Basketball and get the best private lessons for your daughter.